Sound Therapy

Sound healing benefits the body physically, emotionally/mentally and energetically.  Science has shown that every system or part of our bodies vibrates at particular rates and when they become out of balance, through trauma or stress, for example, the frequency at which our systems vibrate can change, becoming less than optimum.  


Sound is energy.  In Sound healing/therapy it is the movement of energy (sound) vibrating at different frequencies through substances (air, water) in longitudinal waves that effect change in the body’s systems.


Sound of certain types of instruments works to correct imbalance (reducing stress or pain) by providing sound waves at the frequencies required by the body’s systems, thereby correcting imbalance and returning the disharmonious body part or system to its optimum frequency.  



Raven facilitates both Individual Sound Sessions and Group Sound Healing Sessions.  


Available online only until further notice:


Individual Sound Bath:  $150AUD


Group Sound Sessions: $10AUD or Donation


Gift Vouchers and Pay It Forward available



Click here for dates of upcoming Group Sessions.



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