Shamanic Healing

Raven channels Shamanic Healing energy to help you let go of the root causes of any fears, trauma including sexual/emotional/physical abuse, conditioning, past/future life issues, self-sabotage, low self-esteem or other issues of stress or negative experience that has become stored in your body, your energy, thought patterns &/or your subconscious mind. Other conditions that have been relieved in clients include depressive and anxious symptoms, issues to do with chronic fatique or burn out, lack of self-love and self-nurturing.

You are the one who decides who/what to let go of and to what degree. Spirit (Guardians, Angelic or Light beings &/or Masters and others) facilitate the shift with you, dedicated to counteracting any negative energy with deep, nurturing and abiding love. Thought patterns and patterns of behaviour that are rooted in fear or limitation that do not serve you in how you want your life to be can be transformed with your permission. A gently empowering process, you will be guided in moving forward feeling balanced and restored. Your session can include the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences. If it's right for you at the time and if it's what you want, your partnership with Spirit will be accentuated.

Spirit will provide information or guidance that is pertinent for you in your life now and facilitate your greater shift in letting go, so you are free to create your life according to your higher purpose or as you wish it to be.  For those who don’t live locally, phone consultations are easily accomplished.



A session can include much of the following:


  ~  Chakra balance & cleanse


  ~  Past/future life issues


  ~  Soul retrieval


  ~  Clear/remove stagnant emotional energy


  ~  Release emotional components of physical ailments


  ~  Clear past traumas/incidents from cellular memory


  ~  Messages from loved ones who have passed


  ~  Clear ancestral issues/DNA


  ~  Clear toxins


  ~  Release self-sabotage


  ~  Align you with your highest purpose


  ~  Enhance connection to your Guardians/Spirit/Source


  ~  "Rewire/reprogram" existing beliefs/patterns/mindsets



                                        It's all energy!




Consultations:  1 - 1.25 hrs $190 AUD


(includes 1 x 30ml oral essence if required.) 




Concession rates available.



Gift Certificates, Phone Consultations  and


Pay It Forward available





Photo by SOULSANAon Unsplash

Photo by SOULSANAon Unsplash

Please Note: This is a complementary therapy and does not replace medical advice.  Raven does not diagnose illness or mental health issues, nor does she work with people who have been adversely affected by drugs or who have mental health issues such as delusions or personality disorders.