Practice Conditions Under Cover-19



For your own peace of mind in relation to Covid-19, I’d like to reassure you by advising of the extra precautionary measures I have put in place in my practice as we continue to provide support for clients.  As time goes on, in support of 'flattening the curve,' phone consults would be my preferred way of conducting sessions. These can be easily accomplished (I've been doing it for years) and has been something I'm practiced at delivering for my interstate and overseas clients, so it's very easy to do for locals as well. 


Until it feels right/directives are put in place for me to do Phone Consults only, in my practice, as well as my usual hygiene procedures, I will be washing my hands with hand sanitiser before and after each session.  Both before and after I see each client I will be wiping down any surfaces such as doors and door handles, benchtops, chairs and massage tables etc with a grade of disinfectant as recommended by WHO.  For this reason, please excuse me if I don’t put cloths on the massage table to make them look nice as I usually do. The service I provide will be the same. :o)


I will be checking that all clients who book in with me have NOT recently travelled internationally, are free of any cold/flu-like symptoms and have not been in close contact with someone who has travelled or has symptoms.  If anyone has travelled recently or are experiencing any cold/flu or similar symptoms or been in contact with someone who has, I’ll be taking bookings for phone consults instead as a matter of duty of care to myself and other clients.


As Social Distancing has become a part of the hygiene protocols please understand that I won’t be accepting/giving hugs for the time being, but I'm learning to do Air Hugs! As my work doesn't involve physical touch I will ensure to work no closer than 1 meter away from you.  


For those of my clients who have compromised immune systems due to other issues, I will provide support via phone consultations so you can be free of any extra concerns.


For those who wish to see me in person, are symptom/travel free but don’t want to come to a public place, call me. I have a solution for you where the environment is more controlled.


I will be accepting payment via EFT and EFTPOS transactions only. I won’t be accepting cash but if this is the only way you think you can pay, let me know and I’ll provide you with my bank details so you can transfer to my account in person.


If I develop any cold/flu-like symptoms but am well enough to work, I will be working from home and doing phone consultations.  If I’m not well enough to work I will reschedule your appointment, as I normally would under those circumstances (It’s only ever happened once in 30 yrs!) :o)


I will be staying abreast of and implementing any other directives from the Health Dept & our Government.


In case we are instructed by the Health Dept/Government to minimise group experiences I am experimenting with options to run Group Healing Sessions and my Group Sound Sessions online. Stay tuned or contact me to enquire.  The sessions I do run will have new, lower limits of attendance so I can follow Social Distancing protocols. Other measures as above including symptom free/travel free clients and santisation have been put into place.


In the meantime, it’s in the best interest of everyone to not buy into fear of any sort and in my classes with students the information has come through on some things that we can do to support ourselves.  Feel free to pass this info on to others if you’d like to. 


1. Fear:  If you are having your fears triggered with what’s going on, check with what it’s about FOR YOU. What’s going on within you? Check your thoughts and change them if they are causing you to go into fear.  If you find yourself thinking 'What if [insert catastrophe] happens?' At the very least, and especially if it’s challenging for you to move out of anxiety, even thinking 'Well, what if [catastrophe] DOESN’T happen!?' can help alleviate some fear and lower your stress levels.  I can also provide you with some energy work and/or Flower Essences to support you with fear/anxiety if you need, especially if you find yourself being affected by others'/collective fears.


2. For those who are feeling like they’re getting dragged down by others’ fears, do lots of self care & energetic clearing on yourself each day; whatever works for you to keep you balanced.  Increase the amount of times you do it, especially if your work involves supporting/being with others. If you do work supporting others, in whatever field, increased self care under these circumstances is, my Guardians say, the equivalent of being a lighthouse with clean windows to shine your light through, rather than filthy windows where the light that shines out is dim or not really of use at all. We need to hold the light, love and peace for those who are in fear.  That can be challenging, so if you need support, get it.


3. Be responsible for information you feed yourself and others.  In order to keep a strong mindset, look for joyous things to read/look at. Find the good news. Send/Post good news.  Every cloud has a silver lining as the saying goes. Look for the silver lining.  If you’re struggling mentally, find joy in small things to rebuild your sense of peace, if you need support, ask for it.


4. If you choose to watch/listen to the news, be selective &/or stay objective.  Check out with yourself what resonates as truth for you.  Set the intention to receive the information you need and you’ll get it.  Be in charge of/monitor your stress levels & mental health. Know when you’ve listened to/watched as much as you need to. Discern what is fear based reporting or discussion and when you’ve had enough of hearing any fear based rhetoric from any source. 


5. Connect with people/groups online or by phone to give & get support.  If you need support, let some one know.  Sometimes it just takes a few supportive comments to help one regain their inner strength.  Touch base with those who feel isolated or are by themselves. Support, support, support! :o)


6. Obviously, follow hygiene protocols and use common sense.  If you feel unwell with any kind of cold symptoms, stay home rather than go out, just in case.  Check  for symptoms. It may only be a normal cold, follow the procedures regarding getting tested if need be. Connect with loved ones or neighbours via phone. 


7. Keep your own nutritional support high. Eat good quality food, get enough sleep, look after yourself in order to help stay as least stressed as possible. Focus on wellbeing.

8. Compassion for all.


​© 2016 Tribal Spirit

2016 Tribal Spirit