Online Group Nurture Sessions

Channelled Group Nurture Sessions are held regularly online via Zoom. If you don't live locally or are unable to attend in person, these sessions are ideal. 

Set yourself up in a space where you won't be disturbed. It will be beneficial if you take the time to create a nurturing space, with something comfortable to lie on eg a yoga mat, some cushions and a blanket. You may like to have a candle (safely) burning or a diffuser turned on, soft lighting, whatever you find nurturing that won't distract you.

Fee: $20 per person, $30 per household or donation/free if you are experiencing financial hardship due to Covid-19. Contact Raven if you'd like to disuss.

Raven is available to facilitate a Group Nurture Session for you and your friends or colleagues. You can discuss a particular 'flavour' you'd like the session to have or Raven's Guardians will create one specifically for your group.  


Upcoming Online Sessions