The Self-Esteem Project

Introducing a brand new program to support you in moving into more self-love, higher self-esteem, greater self-worth and enhanced self-empowerment!


Combining Raven's 11 years' experience as an American Tribal Style®  (ATS®) Bellydance Instructor with her Shamanic Healing work, this is ground-breaking stuff! 



  • Do you experience lowered self-esteem, shame or self-consciousness through negative self-perception issues such as age, body image (size, shape) body parts (eg face, hands, breasts, belly, posture, height etc)?


  • Do you have any issues around hiding from or being frightened of being seen, noticed or focused upon in any way?


  • Do you have anxiety or fear of stepping out into the world?


  • Do you feel you need some internal strengthening?


  • Have you had a secret desire to dance but hold yourself back?


  • Do you know it's time to put your big girl's (or boy's) pants on and move into greater self-empowerment?


  • Would you enjoy dance being part of a medium to enhance your self-esteem in a fun and creative way?


If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then The Self-Esteem Project is for you!




This is a 3-month program where you will be thoroughly supported and nurtured.  The program includes the following:


2 x 1:1 Shamanic Healing sessions :  Channelled sessions tailored by Spirit to suit you and address the reasons for your negative self-perception/low self-esteem/self-consciousness etc and liberate you from them.  We will also be working with your Guardians and evolving your connection to them to support you in moving forward. You choose when you want to have the sessions.


Value: $340 


3 x Group Healing Sessons : Channelling Archangel Michael and my Guardians these group sessions are to nurture you, to continue to support the development of your progress in establishing greater self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and self-empowerment and keep you anchored in love.  Sessions occur monthly.

Value: $75


Australian Bush Flower Essences : 4 x personalised essences tailored to suit you in your desires for change in the areas you need to target to further support you throughout the program.  

Value: $60


2 x 6 week terms of Tribal Style Bellydance :  Tailored lessons to gently work with your insecurities as you see them and help grow your confidence while you learn to dance.  Medicine in motion. 

Value: $220


Meditations & other tools : Tailored specifically to suit you in supporting your evolvement and provided when the timing is right for me to introduce them, these are take-home-tools for you to implement to enhance your sense of security around moving forward, support your changing attitudes and deepen your self-love and self-esteem raising practices.

Value: $200




Remote Energy Work :  My Guardians & I will commence working with you on an energy level to prepare you for the program as soon as you register.


Total Value: $895+


Join the pilot program for $495


Registration is open now for a small number of

people to enroll in the pilot program


Normally: $600



  • Payment plan available


  • Program starts when you register and complete payment or deposit


  • Deposit of $100 will hold your space


Click here to register now!











I no longer give a damn about my belly! My posture has improved, I feel like I have a secret womanly power in my ability to dance, and I love seeing the interest and awe in people’s faces when I tell them I’m a tribal bellydancer!


Above & below: members of Azwahn Tribal Bellydance. There is no expectation of performing unless it's something you want to work towards after the program ends. 


...the fact that I have incorporated this [tool] as a daily practice speaks volumes to how much I value this.  It has definitely made me feel safer and protected and as a result, stronger and more able to express my true self.




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