Learning To Channel

If you genuinely yearn to cultivate your own spiritual/personal evolvement, then learning to connect to your Guardians or Angelic beings is a wonderful way to support your growth. Your Guardians are old friends; Universal beings with ancient wisdom who know you on a soul level and love you unconditionally. You have shared many lives with them and you have chosen to be with each other in this form of relationship in this lifetime. They are here to support you and guide you to live on the Earth in harmony, to know and to evolve your own soul and to recognise the purpose/s for your life.  We all have free will and your Guardians will not work with you actively without your permission. If you desire their attention, you need only ask for their assistance/guidance and learn to perceive them.  

Their ways are subtle. Being able to hear or sense your own Guardians and realise their unconditional love and endless support brings magic, in a real sense, into your life, as they will bring you greater clarity and enhanced understanding of your circumstances as well as assist you to evolve or awaken spiritually.  Attending these classes is a growth process, as the way to connect is through developing an open heart, love of self, learning to feel and to trust deeply in order to channel.  In a small group setting, Raven will support you gently in learning how to do this. 



 Group Classes:      70 mins, one class per month

                                $50 per class

                                (Option of 2 classes per month)

Classes are currently held online only, according to AWST (Australian Western Standard Time.) 



Please note: Class sizes are kept small so bookings are essential.  

Raven does not work with people who have been adversely affected by drugs or who have mental health issues such as delusions or personality disorders.

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2016 Tribal Spirit