Group Sound Healing Sessions

In Group Sound Healing Sessions, sound is used to bathe the body in vibrational frequencies that are harmonious on physical, mental and emotional levels..  Particular types of Sound has been proven scientifically to reduce the stress on our often over-stimulated nervous systems as the brain moves from operating in beta (busy, everyday life or active state) to theta (relaxed, meditational state or the state reached just before deep sleep.) Vibration is the language our atoms respond to and the effects of a Sound Session are felt on an atomic level.  It’s like immersing yourself in a lovely warm, rejuvenating, vibrational bath. Raven plays Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, Fibonacci Tubular Bells and other instruments to support your body and brain to bring calm to your nervous system and promote relaxation, rejuvenation and harmony within.



For further information on Sound Therapy, how it works and what it does click here .



Upcoming Sound Sessions 2021

$25 per session / $20 Concession​

Payment accepted via EFT or EFTPOS (50c fee applies)

Group Sound Sessions are conducted in Greenmount twice per month on a Thursday night, 7pm and a Sat morning, 11am.  Bookings are essential as sessions sell out in advance.

Contact Raven directly on 0422 328 677 to book.