Gift4U- Paying It Forward

At any given time I have between 1 - 4 people I work with whose life has fallen totally apart, for one reason or another, and they're not able to afford a session but they are willing to make changes within themselves in order to get their lives back on track.  Over the years, I have agreed to work with these types of clients at either a heavily discounted rate or pro bono, depending on their situation, because they are in despair and my Guardians bring them to me so that we can help.  I have never advertised that I do this, however, I'm being asked to make this known so that contributions can be made that will enable me to support more people as there are only so many of this type of client I can support at one time.  It takes a lot of energy to support some-one who is in crisis or carries wounds so deep that they are temporarily not able to support themselves. I'm often on call with these people at the initial stages of therapy until they begin to become more self-empowered.


If you feel you would like to 'pay it forward' and contribute financially in whole or in part for any of my services to gift to someone in need, please contact me to make arrangements.  With the permission of the clients involved, who will remain anonymous, I can provide you with a brief general description of his/her situation and keep you updated on the progress your payment supports, 


At this point in time I am unable to take on any more clients of this type. I will change this notice when space becomes available.  

Gift Certificates

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