Group Nurture Sessions

Group Nurture Sessions are held regularly online only at this time.  Attend as little or as often as you like.  Designed to nurture, support and replenish you, these channelled sessions are tailored to suit you & your needs.


Unlike Raven's 1:1 sessions, there is no need to relate personal information. This is a time for you to relax and receive. You're invited to simply lay back and enjoy the energy bath and let Spirit cherish you.


Channelled guidance is provided as a group or individually if it is right at the time.


Reconnect to the peace and beauty that is within you in these gentle, nurturing and engaging sessions.


A yoga mat and cushions will be provided.

Please bring: 

A blanket or other cover &/or socks to cover your feet if you'd like to.

Pillow if you need 

Please wear comfortable clothing so you can relax.


Please refrain from wearing chemical based/commercial perfumes/aftershaves as they can be overpowering for some people. 

Fee: $25 per person. Limited places.     Bookings essential.




Raven is available to facilitate a Group Nurture Session for you and your friends or colleagues. You can discuss a particular 'flavour' you'd like the session to have or Raven's Guardians will create one specifically for your group.  





EarthPoint Energy Centre



7pm - 8.30pm

Wed 13th Mar
Wed 24th April
Wed 26th June

Wed 14th Aug
Wed 23rd October
Wed 18th December

 Limited places.

Bookings essential.

Call or text Raven for bookings

& payment details

0422 328 677

2020 dates will be added in due course.



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2016 Tribal Spirit