Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower Essences have been used for thousands of years by many indigenous cultures who knew how to understand and work with the wisdom inherent in nature.  The world-renowned Australian Bush Flower Essences are very gentle and effective in activating self-healing. Working on an energy level, they facilitate a vibrational shift allowing you to release negative beliefs, access your higher wisdom and bring its expression into your being to enhance your emotional well-being.  In my Shamanic Healing sessions, these can be used in a variety of ways including the use of the picture of a certain flower, using the drops or sprays during the session or using the drops or spray at home.  If you've booked in for a Shamanic Healing Session and you'd like to try the Essences, you'll receive them at no extra charge.  Alternatively, consultations for the creation of personalised drops for you to take home and use are available without the energy work.  This will involve discussion, where you will decide what you'd like to work on as a priority and the process of discerning which essences are right for you to use at the time.   


Flower Essence with Shamanic Healing Session:

                              $190 includes 1 x 30ml Essence (Oral drops)


Flower Essence Initial Consultation:

                               $140 includes 1 x 30ml Essence (Oral drops)


Follow Up Flower Essence Consultation:

                               $100 includes 1 x 30ml Essence (Oral drops)


Phone consult up to 30 mins:

                               $50  includes 1 x 30ml Essence (Oral drops) 


Personalised Essences only: 30ml drops @ $15 ea


Room or body sprays: $18  


Add postage costs if you'd like essences sent to you or you can come to Mundaring to pick them up.


Pensioner rates available for consultations


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